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Our influencers have to meet high requirements, where we analyze their profile and audience before categorizing them based on on their audience interests, age, income, gender and brand affiliations.

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We are not an ad company, but a tech company with focus on big data.
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Case Studies

Yet another awesome campaign

LETT Oslo wanted to use an Influencer to launch their new smoothie, and we set them up with KomikerFrue, the Norwegian Lifestyle blogger.


The goals were simple: create brand awareness around the new concept LETT, through a new smoothie in combination with a trendy lifestyle blogger.


This campaign with komikerfrue was one of many successful brand awareness campaigns we have done with influencers in Norway. LETT only uses influencers in its marketing strategy and will keep on pursuing this successful marketing recipe in our rapid growth. Since the opening back in 2014 LETT has opened five restaurants and established a very popular lunch-catering dept. to businesses in Oslo.


The results? Jaw-dropping. Within one day, the specific store within the franchise was out of the advertised smoothie, and the sales were extremely high compared to other products the next days. The company has opened multiple stores afterwards and is growing rapidly.

Miinto gathers influential fashion bloggers for super sale

Miinto Norway wanted to do an Influencer campaign regarding their yearly "black friday" campaign.


The goal of the campaign was to bring awareness to a hugely popular sale through Instagram.


The strategy was based on multiple posts from the same type of Influencer, posting on their social media pages while wearing clothing that was self-picked from Miinto. The sale lasted for 48 hours, and every 5-6 hour.



Restaurant - LETT -

When we first opened LETT we used the famous Norwegian singer and song writer Tone Damli Aaberge to promote our salmon salad dish with delicious instagram post on her account.

Within the next week the restaurant increased the sales of the salmon salad by 100%. The success was instant and very important for our brand-building strategy and the best part of it, we made good healthy money while everybody got to know our name and concept.


After this successfull influencer campaign our marketing strategy was clear, we will mainly use influencers to promote our restaurants.

Sebastian Wahl
Restaurant -LETT-

Yet another awesome campaign

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